This page includes images of some items crafted with Gaia's spirit. If you like them I hope you will be inspired to take a walk with Nature, to find and craft your own personal items.

These items of woodcraft
were of course primarily produced by Nature; I then worked with their natural form and their other characteristics to craft the finished item. All items are crafted from a single piece, with no joints or adhesive, as it is my philosophy to craft that which lies within Nature’s gift, rather than force items together into unnatural forms. Items are generally finished with a beeswax polish, this enhances the natural character, protects the wood, and (IHMO) feels more pleasant to the touch than bare wood or varnish.

I was born and raised in the Weald of Kent, spending much of my childhood in local woods and countryside. My woodcraft is guided by my spiritual connection with Nature and the particular item being crafted. I whittled my first staff in 1985 and woodcraft runs in my family’s blood, with both my father and brother being professional woodturners.






Golden Curl

This beautifully graceful hazel staff features several gnarls giving it an interesting character. It is a light staff and one of the gnarls lends itself as a natural thumb rest. The top is enhanced with a simple golden spiral.


Length: 137 cm (54”)

Source: Hazel, harvested from Ewar Woowar











Gnarley Top

The curved shaft of this slender hazel staff provides character, while the gnarl at its head gives it presence. Who says all staffs should be straight anyway?


Length: 130 cm (51”)

Source: Hazel, harvested from Ewar Woowar




Stand Tall
A slender, elegant hazel staff almost 6 feet tall. This staff has interesting character in its head and a gentle gnarl on its shaft.

Length: 182cm (71.5")
Source: Hazel, harvested from Ewar Woowar












Hazel_CleftHazel Cleft
As well as being a good companion on spiritual travels, this sturdy staff would also be handy on hikes up the downs, over the moors, through the woods to the pub, etc.

Length: 131cm (51.5")
Source: Hazel, harvested from Ewar Woowar

Hazel_Rod_1Light Rod
This is a light staff, slender and straight over most of its length, with an offset and gnarl adding character near the top.

Length: 150cm (59")
Source: Hazel harvested from Ewar Woowar


hollystickHolly Stick

A classically simple holly walking stick. The handle of this robust stick is formed from a branch which grew at just the right angle.


Length: 94 cm (37”)

Source: Holly, harvested from Greywell Moors












Twisty Birch Stick

This wonderfully characterful piece has a chunky rounded head that fits the hand comfortably and a lovely twisted shaft.










Cath’s Hill Swan

The head of the staff is suggestive of a swan, while the curve of the shaft adds character to the overall shape. 


Tunnel and Twist

Tunnel and Twist

Tunnel and Twist

Extremely unusual, this sturdy hazel staff not only has a honeysuckle twist around part of its shaft, but also the head has a natural ‘tunnel’ running right through it.






The Morgan’s Wood Unicorn

This tall but light birch staff has a honeysuckle twist running up part of its length, making its shape suggestive of a unicorn’s horn.


The Elder
This staff is made from Elder and the darker wood provides good complement to the pale. 


Hazel Pendulum
This peice was crafted for dowsing with a hazel pendulum rather than one of crystal.

Examples of wands. Wands can also be used as rattle handles, as in this example by EagleSpiritDrums.


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