Ewar Woowar is an area of Ancient Woodland in the Weald of Kent, part of which is officially designated as a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). It is managed primarily for biodiversity, but also serves as a retreat from the 9 to 5 of modern life. It is also a source of inspiration and material for my woodcraft.



The woodland is mainly Chestnut coppice with Oak standards, but also includes Hazel, Alder, Birch, Ash and Holly. The management of the wood had been neglected for several years before it was bought in November 2006 and work began to return the coppice to rotation and improve the biodiversity of the woodland. Coppice rotation is important to provide areas of diverse habitat and also allows sunlight to reach the woodland floor, encouraging flowers such as Bluebells to grow in profusion. A glade is being kept clear to encourage wildflowers and butterflies. In addition to the trees and flowers, the wood also has many fungi such as Puff Balls, Bracket Fungi, Brain Fungi, Candle Snuffs and Fly Agaric. A seasonal stream runs through a corner of the wood and damp areas are home to ferns such as Broad Buckler and Deer Fern.




















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