Shamanism can bring you the power to be who you really are. I see shamanism as helping us to live in harmony with the Way of the world. By living in harmony with nature, in harmony with our own spirit and those around us, and in harmony with the way that life flows; we progress more easily through life and live the truth of who we are.


Shamanism is both an ancient and contemporary spiritual practice. Evidence of shamanism dates back for tens of thousands of years and shamanism is practiced today in many societies, both indigenous and multicultural. Shamanism is not a religion in itself and it has no dogma; shamanism is compatible and complementary with many religious paths. The shaman acknowledges that spirit exists within all and may use a variety of techniques to connect and communicate with spirit. As a direct link between the physical and spiritual realms the shaman is sometimes referred to as a ‘walker between the worlds’. I think of a shaman as a hollow flute through which spirit sings its song.


Power Animal Retrieval


We have a number of spirit allies that can provide us with protection, guidance and power. Of these, our animal allies are highly significant and are often referred to as Power Animals. We can have more than one animal spirit ally and they may change as our lives and needs evolve. Sometimes we are out of touch with our allies and become ‘dis-spirited’, in these situations it is beneficial to connect (or reconnect) with our power animals. In a Power Animal retrieval, the shamanic practioner will journey to the spirit world to find a power animal and return that spirit to the person. Following retrieval time should be taken to learn more of your power animal and how it can help you in your current situation.


Guidance and Divination


There are times in our lives when we wish to seek a new direction; make a significant decision; wish to know what may lay ahead of us on life’s path; or have other questions that we find difficult to answer. On such occasions it can be helpful to seek guidance from another place. The spirit realm is not limited by our understanding of time and space, and there are various methods by which we can work with spirit to help us find the answers to these questions. This may be done by journeying to request guidance from spirit guides or simply by divining the answer from nature.


Shamanic Healing


There are various methods of shamanic healing that can help us to travel more easily on our path through life; the most appropriate methods will become apparent after discussion of your situation and needs (and in some cases after further consultation with spirit allies). Shamanic healing generally operates on a spiritual or energetic level and can be suitable whether healing needs are physical or non-physical. Shamanic healing may involve the practitioner journeying to the spirit realm to request the healing from a spirit helper. In other cases the practitioner may journey to gather and channel spiritual energy for the healing.


Note: Shamanic Healing can complement, but does not replace, medical treatment. Those under medical care may receive shamanic healing, but should also continue with their medical treatments and consultations.


Shamanic Training/Counselling


If you wish to use shamanic practices yourself and make your own journeys to the spirit realms, various sources of shamanic training are available (sometimes refered to as shamanic counselling). You will learn how to make your own shamanic journeys in which you can work with your spirit guides to find guidance, healing and your own power. Several sessions may be required over several weeks and could include working with an experienced shamanic practitioner to clarify what you are seeking to address, meet your own spirit guides whom you will work with on your shamanic journeys, and helping you interpret and gain power from the shamanic journeys that you make.


If you would like to consult a shamanic practitioner please see listings at the following websites:



From an early age I have felt a close connection with Nature and as the years passed I became more aware of the spiritual aspects of all life. Several years ago I learnt that it is possible to connect and communicate more directly with the spiritual realm. I have been journeying shamanically since 2002 and have developed skills by training formally with The Sacred Trust and with the Scandinavian Centre For Shamanic Studies, and by working with other contemporary shamanic practitioners and of course through experience and with the guidance of spirit. I am a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.


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